Friday, September 28, 2007

Renegade Shopping

Dear Kelly,

I had SO much fun shopping at Renegade. I went to buy a hot dog and ended up browsing all 200 vendors. In no particular order, I got (really sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures):

Super cute mirror from My Favorite Mirror

Hooray! banner from Nice

Little polar bear from Craftpaca

Teeny tiny russian doll and heart necklace from Custom Made

Squirrel pillow from Manatea Party

Yeti shadow puppet from Owly Shadow Puppets

Whale blanket from Wonderland Q

Free hanky from says "This is not a dispoable tissue." Another great deal I got was a one-year subscription to ReadyMade for only $5!

And this last item is not from Renegade, but from a very important stop on our way home from Chicago:

I love Bob's Big Boy!



kelly said...

Yay for goodies! I particularly love the Hooray! banner.

And, of course, Bob's Big Boy. Cause it rocks so hard (and we don't have Big Boy in CA...)

Shayne said...

We don't have Big Boy in Maryland anymore. That makes me muy triste.