Thursday, November 11, 2010


Dear Shayne,

Things have been kinda hectic around here, so I'm late in my yearly "What I did on skates for Halloween" post.

As you know, I wear skates every year to work and make my costume around that. I've been a Mini Cooper (that's a link to Craftster -- pre-blog!), Holy Roller (gotta scroll down for that one), Rolling Stones, Rolling PIN.

Hmm... I've also done Hell on Wheels, but cannot seem to find a photo of that. (I think the costume is still in the basement, though -- I should dig it up and take photos. The flames were great.)

This year, the theme at work was Zombie Halloween (or a "Zomberee," if you will...) so I bought a bunch of rubber brains and glued them to a big tray, dressed as a waitperson, slapped on my skates and...

Meals on Wheels!

Heh. Gross, eh? Here's the Brain Tray:

Mmm... delicious brains!


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Shayne said...

Very spooooky brains! Where's a pic of the costume?