Saturday, October 23, 2010

So Subversive This Week

Dear Kelly,

I completed two Subversive Cross Stitch designs this week. Rather than submit you and our dear readers to my crappy camera phone shots or sticking stuff in the scanner, I'm using photos from Julie's site.

I made"Candy Is Dandy But Liquor Is Quicker" for my dining room:

And "Shut Your Whore Mouth" for a co-worker friend:

Mine are framed in black, though. I'm thinking of buying some fancy molding, painting it gold and making my own fancy frames. This kind is so expensive!



kelly said...

I've always wanted to make my own picture frames -- we should do it!

The Housewife said...

HA! These are both great. I would take up a cross stitch project but, I can become so uncommitted to craft projects so quickly. What do you do to stay committed to a project?

kelly said...

Hollie -- two words: quick projects.

We stay committed by picking projects that don't take too long. :)

Cross-stitch can be a very time-consuming craft but that's the beauty of the Subversive Cross stitch: They're quick!

Try a little word sampler like these or something the blackwork project I did (that only took about 2-3 hours) -- I think you'll find it satisfying and easy to stick with if you try a quick project.

Good luck!

Shayne said...

I concur - the Subversive Cross Stitch patterns are super quick to work up! Go for it!