Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Owls and a Very Good Cause

Dear Kelly,

My friend Meaghan has been super busy raising money for her friend Nicole, who unfortunately is fighting stage 3 ovarian cancer without insurance, with The Fiercegrrl Fund. Meaghan has an amazing ornament shop going where all proceeds go to purchase Nicole a super comfy, hot pink recliner so she can sleep more comfortably. I sent in this:

The owls are by Mochimochiland. I added the Santa hats and am quite proud of myself for finishing the whole thing properly; there's felt on the back to hide the mess of threads and the sides of the hoop are covered in pink ribbon (Nicole's favorite color).

I was super excited to hear that it sold right away, so I'm finishing up a second one to be sold and thinking of what else I can stitch up - the only requirement is that the ornament include hot pink :)


Dear Readers,

Please, please, please go take a look at the ornament shop and buy an ornament to help out Nicole. She is a very cool, crafty lady and deserves the best while going through this ordeal. If you're crafty and would like to contribute an ornament, send an email to Meaghan to get the details. You could also help out by buying one of Nicole's adorable aprons from her Etsy shop, Fancy Bolts.



kelly said...

LOVE that ornament -- Go, you!

I'm sure it was a real hardship for you to incorporate hot pink into your ornament design, right? ;)

Shayne said...

Ha! Very, very difficult :)