Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quilt 1, Quilt 2

Dear Shayne,

As you know, we have niece and nephew twins. Know what twins means? Two of everything! Including... quilts!

They're toddlers now, but since their older brother wasn't too interested in the quilt I made him before he was born, we waited to see if they were blankie babies before whipping out the needle and thread.

Good news! They are! I've been promising to make these quilts for... oh, over a year now. Nice to finally be getting them done. They're at the shop right now getting quilted and bound. Here are the in progress shots...

For our niece:
Emily's quilt [in progress]
I still had a lot of green and yellow fabrics leftover from their brother's quilt, so I used those. I think it's cool that they'll have some common fabrics.

For our nephew (photo taken before they were even sewn together):
Jack's quilt [in progress]
I'll post the completed quilts when I get 'em back in a few weeks. Yay!


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Shayne said...

Can't wait to see!