Friday, November 12, 2010

Crafting Mama!

Dear Shayne,

Aw, yeah! Craft + Video Game = Awesome!

I'm not much of a gamer, but when I stumbled across Crafting Mama, my eyes glazed over and I said, "Must... have..."

Fortunately, my husband is awesome, saw the drool, and bought it for me!

This game is super fun! I had two fears about it, both of which were dispelled as soon as I started playing it.

Fear #1: I would not be able to play it.
I usually suck at video games. Even ones meant for children. But I can play this game! Yay! If you're a very good gamer, this one will probably be boring for you. But I am not good, so it's fun for me, and I love it.

Fear #2: I would feel like I was wasting valuable crafting time.
I worried that I would feel like, "I could be actually making this craft in the time I am virtually making it!" No worries -- the game allows you to make crafts waaaaay faster than you do in real life (and with less mess!) So it satisfies the Crafty Urge at times when you are not able to craft (I can finally make candles while waiting in line at the Post Office. Yesss!)

Further, I've actually learned about making some crafts by playing this game. It's edu-tainment! I've made candles, earrings, pinwheels, a xylophone, and pressed flowers and that's just the tip of the iceburg. I've unlocked several more crafts so far -- there are a lot of different crafts in this game.

The graphics a pretty great, too. Mama is really cute, but if you do screw up, she gets flames in her eyes and yet cheerfully tells you to "Try again!" which cracks me up. Love. It!

Okay... back to the game!


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Shayne said...

I'm crap at video games too. Except Guitar Hero. I kill at Guitar Hero. Glad you're having fun with a new toy :)