Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's only rock n' roll...

... but I like it!

Dear Shayne,

This year for Halloween, we had a Rock n' Roll theme at work. As you may recall from last year, I like to wear my skates to work on Halloween (cause, um, it's SUPER FUN to skate around work all day!)

Last year, I dressed as an angel, wore my skates, and went as a "Holy Roller" (pics of my wings and halo waaaay down in this post). The year before that, I was Hell on Wheels (no pics!) Before that, I was my Mini (craftster link to that one here).

This year, I made a bunch of fake stones, stuck them to myself, strapped on my skates and went as... The Rolling Stones! Hee hee.

Here's the costume (sans skates... sadly, my dressform does not have feet):
It's only rock n' roll...

I made the stones using crumpled up newspaper covered in Rigid Wrap (which is hilarious, because of its circa 1962 product packaging, and also messy to use -- a real bonus in a craft supply!) And then I painted it with a fake-stone paint. They really came out great (if I do say so myself).

Perhaps my favorite part of this costume was taking off the stones and making a fun diorama:
Off-roading Mini!

Hee hee! Off-roading Mini! Yeah!

All right. Time to start thinking of next year's wheeled Halloween costume...



Shayne said...

How about a picture of you in it, with the skates? :) Have you started a skating trend at work yet or is it just you rolling around? Cool costume! Can't wait to see what you come up with next year!

kelly said...

Sorry -- didn't get any "action" photos on skates. :(

Every year people say, "That looks like so much fun... I'm going to do that next year!" but no one does.

People also say, "Holy shit! I'd break my neck if I tried that!" Soo... it takes all kinds.

It's fun to wear skates to work -- I'm so much faster! And taller! And it's a great workout!

But I do tend to sneak up on people (quiet, tall, and fast approaching figure = Ack!) and I feel bad about that. (Sorry, Jan.)