Friday, May 14, 2010

Party in the sink!

Dear Shayne,

Yes, yes. Another dishcloth!
What else? A dishcloth.

As I mentioned yesterday, one ball of yarn yields 1.5-1.75 dishcloths. I had some of this great pink-orange-yellow yarn left over from this dishrag, documented in June 2007, in a post entitled "Most. Boring. Post. EVER." (Little did I know that 2010 Kelly would out-bore 2007 Kelly with a series of posts about dishcloths!)

Fortunately, I also had some awesome matching orange yarn from this dishcloth (an alternative style that was not ideal for my favorite dishcloth user, although it did get pressed into service as a washcloth, so all was not lost.)

So I feel like the stripe in this one works better than some of my other odd combos.

Never fear, though -- more odd combos to come!


1 comment:

Shayne said...

Well, now you're just taunting me with hot pink dish towels!