Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Most. Boring. Post. EVER.

Dear Shayne,

I feel compelled to update the blog with crafty content, so here is what I made this past weekend.

A dishcloth.
Knit dishcloth

Whee. Hoo.

Actually... perhaps if I used dishcloths, this post would be exciting to me. But I don't -- I prefer sponges. However, I have friends and family who love, love, LOVE them, so they make a very good gifts. For me, they make a good mindless travel knit.

It's so basic and small and yet still takes a couple of hours for me to make one. Perhaps I should take up crochet -- I hear that it's faster. In the meantime, I'll make knit squares for loved ones to wash their dishes with. Thrills a minute, eh?

I am soooo close to finishing my black angora fingerless mitts, though. That will be exciting! Of course, I probably won't be able to get a very good photo of them (since they're black) (and I'm a crappy photographer) AND pictures won't really do them justice because the best part about this is how soft they are (seriously. so soft.) So that post will probably be as boring as this one. Sigh.

How's crafts on your end of the country, sister?



Shayne said...

Love the colors! How big is it? Are they cotton? You could make two and sew them together to make a pocket for putting soap in for the shower.

My parents have a black persian kitty cat who is also hard to photograph :)

kelly said...

It's about 8x8 inches. They are cotton. I only recently thought to myself that I could be using them... as washcloths! I use a fresh washcloth every day, so perhaps I should make myself some. Huh.

My angora mitts kind of feel like a persian kitty. Soooo. Sooooft.