Friday, June 22, 2007

Yet another dishcloth

Dear Shayne,

Despite not actually being a dishcloth user, I have been making a few lately. Don't know why -- I guess the square just called to me.

This one is from the book Mason-Dixon Knitting (by the gals at this blog of the same name... two friends write to one another across the miles about the things that they make. What a fantastic idea!)

At any rate, it seems like every knitter has made one of these things but me, so I took the plunge:
Classic shot: Dishcloth over faucet

(I also went ahead and took the required shot of "Dishcloth hanging on faucet" even though no dishcloth will never actually hang over my faucet. I guess I was looking for a departure from "Lookie! Here's a square!")

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a big Cleveland Browns (yes, that's football) fan. Their colors are orange and brown.... so this dishcloth says "Go, Browns!" with every single scrub. Yay!

Meanwhile, it seems like it came out huge, although comparisons to a store-bought dishcloth (thanks, Jan, for bringing that in!) indicate that it's within the realm of "normal." It's a little over 11" square. The pattern says it should be 9.25" square, sooo... seems big. I'll send it off to my favorite dishcloth user and get her opinion before proceeding with any others.

Watch this spot for more exciting, up-to-the-moment Dishcloth News. Whee.



Shayne said...

I used to have a brown and orange living room planned in my head.

I think it's good to have a bigger dish're less likely to get oogie stuff on your hands!

kelly said...

I was never much of a brown and orange fan, but I do love my Browns, so it grew on me. And then it became popular again! Hurray for trends!