Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm in a book!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Kelly,

Last year I found out that I might be one of 60 crafters included in Vickie Howell's new book Craft Corps. I pretty much stayed mum about it because the publisher said that anyone could be cut during the final edits. But the book came out a couple weeks ago and I'm in it! On page 206! Me!

I'm in a real, live book!


P.S. There's a link to our blog :)


kelly said...

Holy AWESOME!! You rock!

Will you still be my friend now that you're famous? ;)

Dawn said...

Congratulations, Shayne! This is super awesome! Good work!

Shayne said...

Dawn - Thank you!

Kelly - I suppose so ;) I've got something even bigger for 2011!