Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not kidding about the dishcloths

Dear Shayne,

The dishcloth obsession continues...
Yet another dishcloth.

Most balls of dishcloth cotton only yield about 1.5 - 1.75 dishcloths, so I am forced to get wacky with the second one in each series. I typically use Peaches & Creme (Goodness! Click that link and behold the amazing possibilities of color!) and I am trying to only use my "stash" cotton, so I end up with some slightly odd combos:
And another!
Again, I must remind myself: It's a dishcloth! If you can't get weird with a dishcloth, when can you get weird?

Are you bored of dishcloths yet?
(Too bad if you are... there's more to come...)



Shayne said...

Bring 'em on!

Anonymous said...

That cloth reminds me of the pictures of the earth taken from space -- land is green --- water is blue.

Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I'm not tired of dishcloths. Don't they give you such a sense of accomplishment? Just being able to finish something in an hour or two is just great! Thanks, Sally

Heather said...

Kelly - I love the dishcloths! They remind me of grandma!Maybe if you feel the urge to "score" a cinch machine, you can just call your "sponsor" and then make a dishcloth! (ha ha)

Thinking of you lots lately. Hope you are well. I can't seem to find time or space to be crafty, so I am living vicariously through your blog. Glad to see Shayne check in also. I've been worried about her (and I don't even know her :)

Love, yer cuz - H

Shayne said...

Awww, Heather, can you be my cousin too? :)

kelly said...

Thanks for all the great comments, everyone -- lovin' the Dishcloth Love.

And Shayne -- isn't my cousin great? I have the *bestest* cousins ever!