Thursday, August 13, 2009

I used the Cricut!

Dear Kelly,

Here's the first thing I did with the Cricut:

Little envelopes!



kelly said...

Oh, Shayne. You know my weakness. How can I continue to resist the Cricut when it cuts *little envelopes?!* Ack! I love envelopes!

How big are they?

Shayne said...

On the 12x12 cutting mat, I think the largest you can do is a 6" envelope. The ones in the picture are hmmmm... let me go check... 3 1/4" w x 2 1/2 h. I'm gonna go see how small I can make them now :)

Shayne said...

The tininess knows no bounds. I don't even think I can photograph the ridiculous tininess with my crappy photography skillz. I think I'll be mailing you a bunch of tiny things in the morning.

Shayne said...

PS The paper is a set called Chester from Me and My Big Ideas. Comes in a reusuable box and everything :)

kelly said...

More Cricut! More Cricut! More Cricut!

Soooo... what else have you made? Share!

Shayne said...

I'm at my mom's now, so I haven't made much of anything else. Although you should be getting something in the mail any day.