Friday, August 21, 2009

Yarnia = awesome

Dear Shayne,

I love Portland. What a totally crafty town. Love that. One of the awesome crafty stops we made a trip to while we were there for Sock Summit was a wonderland called Yarnia.

Yarnia is a make-your-own yarn store. But not by spinning. Here's what it says on their site:

"What makes Yarnia different from other yarn stores? It's the only place where you can design your very own custom blend of yarn -- you choose the fiber, color, thickness, and amount, and can have your custom cone of yarn wound for you right on the spot."

It's totally cooool. I have been wanting a red and white yarn for the past year (yes, yes, wedding obsession) and I finally got some by making my own:
Yarnia yarn

You can see the individual strands of the six different yarns that I chose right here:
Yarnia yarn : stranded

And here is a crap-tastic video that I shot of my yarn being made:

(It particularly sucks because you cannot see the machine working. By the time we were there, I was exhausted from Sock Summit and could not stand up to get closer.)

I cannot remember what my yarn is made of... angora, wool, acrylic, boucle, silk. I guess I should have written it down. But I do know this about it: It's cool!


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Shayne said...

Very cool! Whatcha gonna knit? I keep thinking I should try crocheting again. And then I remember how I don't really like to do it.