Thursday, August 20, 2009

Needle mishap

Dear Shayne,

As I told you all about yesterday, I'm learning a new knitting technique that uses straight needles (at least during the learning phase). It's been a very long time since I knit on straight needles -- I usually use circulars.

There are some challenges associated with using straight needles. Especially verrrry long straight needles. Including, well... you might snap one in two if you're not careful:


I had another set of size 8 needles at home, but they're not quite as long. Bummer.

The lovely needles I broke were Lantern Moon needles I bought at Sock Summit. Sniff! I may have to start buying my 14" needles from KnitPicks. Slightly more affordable than Lantern Moon, so less painful if I break one.

Or, you know, I could stop breaking them. Duh.



SpindleCat said...

I've used Gorilla glue, a razor blade (to shave the expanded glue off) and 0000 steel wool to repair successfully a Cascade spindle shaft that jumped under my foot one day. Good luck!

kelly said...

Thanks for the tips, SpindleCat! The splinters make the situation seem hopeless, but really... what have I got to lose? It's already broken, right?

I may add this to the Long List of Projects -- I'd loooove to salvage this needle!

Shayne said...

How much of a pain would it be if it snapped again while you were knitting? I have no idea - y'all are speaking a different language to me. I have been thinking of trying crochet again though.