Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crafty Wonderland

Dear Shayne,

Are you getting sick of me waxing on about the crafty goodness that is Portland, Oregon? I hope not, because it's going to continue -- I love that place. Everywhere you go in Portland, it's arts n' crafts.

Including, but not limited to, a monthly craft show called Crafty Wonderland, located in the lower level of the very cool Doug Fir Lounge. I was finally in Portland the same weekend this was going on and it was within walking distance of the convention center where Sock Summit was held. So I made the trek.

Shayne, on the way there, I saw no fewer than four (4!) stores also selling handmade goods. It's Craft Mecca, I tell ya.

This is a monthly craft show and they had about 40 vendors there. Seriously? Seriously. I mean, really good stuff and a huge variety. I probably would have bought more if I didn't already have a yarn hangover from the marketplace at Sock Summit.

So I only bought one item. This seriously cool piece by Adrienne Vita of Arcane Arts:
Subterranean Swallows by Arcane Arts

It's called Subterranean Swallows. The colors mesmerize me. I love that it's mounted to a piece of plywood and is ready to hang:
Subterranean Swallows by Arcane Arts

She also has an Etsy store -- go check out the rest of her fantastic work. Love her style.


PS -- After posting this, I got a message from Adrienne. She wrote: "The piece you have is a special collaboration piece with my husband Aaron Barker. You can check out his stuff at He is an abstract artist so he did the background while I did all the graphical animal imagery."

So sweet!


Shayne said...

I am jealous! Where are you going to hang the cool artwork?

adrienne said...

Thank you for the lovely post!

Aaron said...

Thanks for the writeup! Enjoy the art.