Friday, August 28, 2009

More Changes of Address

Dear Kelly,

My mom recently moved too, so I offered to make her change of address cards. She picked out a clip-art image, cards and envelopes from Paper-Source and paper from the craft store and I made these:

Please note that because I am crazy, er, obsessive-compulsive, um, sooo crafty, I cut out the address labels, each and every one. First I printed them on 2"x 4" labels. (Have I told you how much I love my color laser printer, Lamont? I love Lamont. He is my printer boyfriend.) And then cut out every single one.

I've got the supplies to do a big stack for my grandma - just have to pick an image. I don't want them to look too much alike because there is probably some overlap in their mailing lists.

(All of this card-making and envelope-lining has me wondering if there is an envelope and liner on a Cricut cartridge that can be sized to Paper-Source's card and envelope sizes. Really, it's all about the Cricut.)


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kelly said...

Good lord. If it turns out the Cricut is able to make full-sized envelopes (A2, A6, etc.) I am not sure I'll be able to hold myself back anymore.

Meanwhile, you hand-cut those labels out? Wow. You're a Scissor-wielding Superhero!