Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Portland: Redux

Dear Shayne,

Yes, yes, more Portland Talk. Can't help myself -- I love it so!

As I mentioned previously, while I was walking from the the Sock Summit to Crafty Wonderland, I stumbled upon several other shops selling handmade goods.

One of those shops is Redux and it's chock full of amazing handmade goods. I couldn't stop looking around -- there was so much to see and it was all incredible. After taking it all in, I settled on these fantastic earrings:

They are tiny architectural scale models in tiny glass bottles. Yay! I love that the lady on the left is drinking her coffee (or tea). So great.

The earrings are made by iheartmies (that link is for her Etsy shop -- check out her sweet stuff. I particularly like this locket).

Believe it or not, I still have more to tell you about my trip to Portland. It never ends!


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Shayne said...

I wanna go to Portland!!!