Monday, October 06, 2008

Whew! Two baby sweaters: complete!

Dear Shayne,

I was shocked to flip back through the blog and see that I started these baby sweaters in March. At that time, I felt all ahead-of-the-game and pleased with myself because these twins were due in September.

Well, the twins came (Yay!) but the sweaters were not done (Ack!)

I finally finished them yesterday and will send them out tomorrow. The sweaters are very small and those tiny babies are growing, so they'll probably get to wear them for about one week. Sigh. At least they'll be wrapped in auntie lovin' for that week.
Two tiny sweaters: Twins!

I started them before we knew the genders, so I chose a neutral color. Now that our niece and nephew are here, I kind of wish I had made different colors. Oh, well -- this way, they can just swap between them, right?
Two tiny sweaters: Twins!

One sweet detail is the eyelet motif on the back which, "according to Eastern folklore, brings luck and protection to the wearer, no matter his or her size." At least, that's what the book One Skein claims. It might be a bunch of hooey, but I still think it's sweet:
Twins' sweater detail

These were kind of a pain to make -- too many seams for such small items. I used Blue Sky Alpacas' Organic Cotton yarn and it is reeeeally soft, which is nice. But it's also a detriment, since I don't think it would be very long wearing. While I was knitting with it, it actually broke a time or two (grr). Also, it's already got a pill-y sort of halo on it. So it's actually a good thing they'll only wear them for a week or so anyway.

It's a bolero-style jacket with no front closure. I fear that it will be irritating and useless to the parents who will say, "Why on earth would someone make this style of sweater for newborn babies?!" I hope that's not the case, but I have a dread of it.

Well, they were made with love. And also some annoyance. But mostly love. :)



The Housewife said...

The sweaters turned out great, Kelly! They will make a lovely family heirloom for each of the babies.

Liz said...

Oh these are fabulous! Really, so so cute!

Shayne said...

I think they turned out great! Now we need a picture of them *on* the little ones!