Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kinda crafty: labels

Dear Shayne,

The Craft Train has been a bit slow around here lately... I've been traveling a lot and that's been putting a bit of a dent in my crafting/blogging schedule.

But tonight I did a little something that I thought I would share with you... labels!

We grill a lot around here (and be "we," I mean "Bill" -- he's a Grilling Superhero, I tell ya) and we've been experimenting lately with a variety of rubs. The rubs we buy come in these little brown bags. Like this:

I have a delicate sense of smell, so this container is not nearly scent-suppressing enough for me when these rubs are in the pantry.

So I bought some jars at Container & Packaging Supply (great prices, low minimums, fast shipping. If you need containers, check 'em out.) Then I cut out the front of the label and used packing tape (Ooh! Fancy!) to slap them on the jars:

I also put the ingredients on the back:

I really got into it and did all of our rubs... whee!

FYI: I originally tried putting the rubs in recycled baby food jars, but the lids were impossible to get off -- perhaps because baby food jars are not meant to hold powders and the powder gets stuck in the lid threads. That's my theory, at least. The point is: baby food jars will not work for this craft.

Sheesh. Was this the most boring "craft" in the world? I'm sorry. I'll try harder next time. ;)



Shayne said...

The labels look great! When I first glanced at your post though, I got all excited thinking you had made the rubs yourself and was going to share how :)

kelly said...

We have made one rub ourselves! It was a rub for ribs and we got the recipe from the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que cookbook.

It was reeeally good -- I highly recommend that cookbook if you like Bar-B-Q!

alison said...

I didn't think this was too boring, I did something similar with my spices.

A friend gave me a whole sackful of identical little vitamin jars, all brown glass with white lids. She'd even washed them and removed all the labels for me. I made spicejar labels on the computer and stuck them on with clear packing tape, cut neatly to make the labels easy to wipe down.

I'd tried using baby food jars and they just aren't designed to keep opening and closing the lids, even my jar of peppercorns was hard to open, and they certainly aren't powdery