Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Birthday banner

Dear Shayne,

As you know by now, I have a habit of spending waaaay too much time on a project that could be quick n' easy if I just Let. It. Go.

But alas, I cannot.
Happy Birthday sign (detail)

It was my boss's birthday this week and I don't know why, but I decided to make a little Happy Birthday banner. I went to the craft store but I couldn't really find any letters I liked. I found some wooden ones, but then I thought, "Oh, I'll have to paint these and drill them and string them together..." Too much work, right? Ha. Ha.

So I find these cute little pre-decorated (yay!) chipboard letters. And I think, "Well, these are kind of small, but I can put them on some cardstock and string them together and voila!"

Right. Only after I "distress" the cardstock and then glue a bunch of extra decorative bits of paper (that I've also "distressed" -- it's gotta match, right?) on there. And then put grommets on every one. Oh, yeah... and I have to dangle something fancy from the ends... sheesh.
Happy Birthday sign (detail)

Fortunately, my boss is also very crafty and clearly appreciated the work I put in (I must've spent 3 hours on this damned thing) so that was gratifying.

Meanwhile, I've spent almost as much time trying to figure out a good way to post this super-horizontal photo on the blog, but I cannot. So if you want to see a bigger shot of the whole thing, click on it:
Happy Birthday sign


Shayne said...

That is so SO pretty! I'm glad your boss appreciated's really gorgeous! You must have had fun matching up all the letters and papers!

kelly said...

I had fun matching up the papers, but putting it all away wasn't *quite* as much fun. ;)

dimple said...

hi!! i've been googling around when i saw your cute litte banner over I could see how imaginative you are with all your works! i wish i got even slightly talent of yours.. Anyway, I am soooo desperate i had to write you to ask you about something which really drives me crazy!! my sister's celebrating her 18th birthday on sunday, and i still have like 3days on coming up with an idea on how to make a real beautiful banner for her.. its my assignment it would be REALLY REALLY nice if you could just help me out with some ideas on how to do one... pleeeeasee!!!! thank you in advance... - dimple from austria -

kelly said...

Sorry, Dimple -- I just saw your comment today, so I think it may be too late for you to make it in time for your sister's birthday tomorrow.

I wouldn't recommend making the banner I made, because it was insanely detailed and nuts. It took me several hours.

For quick-and-easy, I would recommend a paper banner -- you could print out the letters on some different color papers, then cut out the flag shapes around the letters. I used eyelets in mine to string the cord through -- you could probably get away with just using a hole punch.

Good luck!

dimple said...

hi kelly! you were my inspiration..thanks again! check the banner I did for my sis

Shayne said...

Love what you did, dimple!

kelly said...

Great work, dimple!