Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Birthday Present

Dear Kelly,

I needed a little something to give to my friend Chris for her birthday last week (always younger than me, dammit!). Her favorite color is lime green so I got these beads at Michael's and made her a bracelet. I even managed to find all my tools, a clasp, etc. easily, although I brought the stuff up to the living room to make, because my craft room is still not habitable.

I haven't made any jewelry in ages and when I do, I'm always worried about how well the piece will hold up. But miraculously, the crimp beads crimped on the first try and everything seems to be sturdy.

I even have some beads left over to make matching earrings.



kelly said...

Yay for crafting! Cute bracelet -- did she like it?

So when is your craft room going to be able to be reclaimed, anyway?!

Shayne said...

She liked it very much and put it right on!

I don't know when my room will be completely cleared out. If it was small stuff he'd left, I would just gather it up and dump it on his desk, but there's entire computers and whatnot. Grrr.