Monday, October 16, 2006

Why I'm *still* not crafty

Dear Kelly,

Someone else's crap is still all over my craft room. *and* I can't even take a new picture of it because someone won't show me how to use my new hand-me-down Treo. Well, the getting pictures off of it part. Maybe tomorrow, I'll have something to share.



Anonymous said...

Shayne -- I can't help you with your craft space squatter, but maybe we can get the photos from your Treo.

Sync the Treo with Palm Desktop, then, from within Palm Desktop, click the Media icon on the left side. The main pane of the Palm Desktop should show the photos that were downloaded from the Treo. Double-click the photo you want, click the Save As button at the bottom right of the new Photo Editor window, then save the photo somewhere else on your PC (somewhere that you'll be able to find it.)

If this doesn't work for you or "sync" and "Palm Desktop" give you the willies, get my email address from Kelly and we'll go further.

Jan (of Not Printing Money fame)

Shayne said...

Thanks for the instructions, Jan! Randy finally showed me how to move the pictures onto the little card and then gave me a little card reader to move them onto the computer. I guess either way works :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you are able to get photos from your Treo now! Randy's method is infinitely easier/less convoluted, but I didn't want to make any assumptions about the kind of hardware you have.

Enjoy your Treo! (I'm addicted to mine.)