Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ready for it?

Dear Shayne,

I'll end the suspense (cause I know you were just thinking about it all day, right?) and I'll tell ya what the weird craft was. Oh, and I also want to dispel any rumors that it was some kind of sex thing.

When I posted it with the guessing game I just thought it was funny looking. And since I knew what it was for, well... I guess the other things that might go in the hole didn't really occur to me.

Everyone who suggested that it looked like a hemorrhoid pillow was pretty close -- it serves the same purpose that a hemorrhoid pillow does, only for my... ear! This is so stupid and I probably shouldn't have even posted it, but I was just so proud of myself for having a problem, conceiving a craft to solve it, and executing it so successfully! Yay!

So what's my problem, right? Well, I'm not complaining, 'cause it was self-inflicted, but I got my ear pierced last week and now it hurts. Unfortunately, it was on my left side and that's my preferred side for sleeping. So I made this thing to strap onto my head at night -- the ear goes in the middle! (No other body parts, thankyouverymuch.)

Aaaannndd... it worked! The only trouble I had was when I flipped over to my right side and the strap would move, causing the pillow to move and touch my ear. I think a few bobby pins might cure that problem. I'll fill you in tomorrow.

Whew! This post contains a lot of words and no pretty pictures to take the edge off!

Sooo... I'll share the latest ATC I made that's been received. The recipient requested: "a feminine type theme that includes: woman, mothering, sexuality, mother earth, natur-y."

I was kind of at a loss on this one, but I had this great fabric with all of these 50's style moms on it. I cut one out and used a zig-zag stitch to outline her... it gave her a sort of shrine-like "halo" that I really like!

The person I made this for is a vegetarian... but she seemed to take it very well. Perhaps that's a Tofu Ham! ("Tofam"? Hrm.)

All right. Mystery solved. I'm going to bed right now... and I've got my ear pillow on! Oh, yeah -- it looks completely ridiculous on... like I've got one of Princess Leia's crazy giant hair buns. Seriously funny shit.



Jan said...

So, where's the picture of you wearing it?

kelly said...

Yeah... that is not happening.

Dawn said...

Come on...it can't look any sillier than my Dino Dawn pose.

(PS - yay comments!)

Shayne said...

I want to see a picture!

Super cute ATC...love the stitching!