Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More ATCs

Dear Shayne,

I've got a couple more ATCs to share, now that the people I made them for have received. Wanna see? And read all about my creative process in excruciating detail? Great! Let's go!

The first one was for a person who has a "foreign countries" themed book. I had a few stamps from New Zealand from a friend who lived there for a year, so I thought it might be fun to do NZ. Even though, um, I've never been there and really know very little about it. Sure! Why not?

New Zealand ATCIn my head, I thought: "Map of NZ and these cool stamps! Done!" Of course, it's never that easy. I couldn't find a map that I liked, so I "made" one. I printed an outline of NZ on the back of this green paper I had (it's green there, right?) and even remembered to print it backwards so it was going the right way on the front! Yay! Turns out, there are a lot of nooks and crannies along the coastline of New Zealand. Cutting it out was a total pain in the ass. I apologize now to the citizens of New Zealand for the shape your country ended up in. I'm not so good with scissors, so some details, sadly, got lost.

So then I horsed around with these stamps that I had for a good long time, but really couldn't find a configuration that I liked. It was bad. In fact, at one point, I decided to just do Paris instead (got plenty of Paris themed rubber stamps, ephemera, and whatnot -- why not take the easy road?) But then I went to Scrapbook Territory (which is, dangerously, right down the street from my nearest Paper-Source. It's like all of the drug dealers needed to be in the same 'hood.) (Oh, and don't let that cute little bear on their site fool you -- that place is hard core with the paper, rubber stamps, and all kinds of crafty goodness. Scrapbook Territory: it's not just for scrapbookers anymore.)

While there, I stumbled upon this cool New Zealand paper that had the picture of the NZ dollar on it. It had some other stuff that I thought might work, but I didn't end up using. It was the dollar that brought it all together. Hmmm... I guess that is often the way in life, isn't it? Yeah, I'm deep.

For the second card, my recipient requested "Old timey carnival." I really had nothing on hand for this, but, again, found something great at the Scrapbook Territory. Well, I had the tiger sticker. Then Bill said, "Kelly, this card isn't for you..." ('cause I like tigers), but I think tigers are perfectly appropriate at the carnival. So there.

Carnival ATCAt any rate, on this paper I got, the clown was part of a clown posse (hmm... I think that's a band, but that's not what I meant -- it was just a group of clowns and I like the word "posse.") I was going to use the whole group, but I found that cutting this one guy out was way creepier. And that's what I was going for: creepy. I also found the sticker pack with the cotton candy on it at ST. I loooove cotton candy (It's sugar! Spun! Spun sugar! Yess!) so I knew I wanted to use that too.

So I had the clown, the ticket (both from the same piece of scary-ass carnival paper), the tiger sticker (from my stash), and the cotton candy sticker. As I was arranging them on this card, I glanced down at the sticker pack that the cotton candy came from and... saw the crying child. PERFECT. Perhaps it was a bit heavy-handed, as the rest of the card already sort of said, "The carnival is supposed to be fun, but it's actually pretty scary," BUT... how could I resist the weeping child? Not even the cotton candy can brighten THAT kid's day!

Oh, yeah. I'm sick.



Shayne said...

You are evil to post that clown on our blog. That's all I have to say. Evil.

Shayne said...

I should mention, though, that I am liking the kitty-corner corner-rounding. A lot.

kelly said...

Sorry for the Evil.

But thanks for the compliment!