Monday, October 09, 2006

Halloween cards!

Dear Shayne,

OTB... what? Oh, yeah. I did a bit more on that this weekend. I set those nails, filled 'em with wood filler, and sanded the wood filler. Whoopdee-doo. I know you want photos, but what could be more boring than photos of filled nail holes?

Instead, I will amaze and astound you (or at least, hold your interest for a few minutes) with some photos of some Halloween cards I worked on yesterday. None of these are actually the ones I'm sending out, so I won't ruin the surprise for you, just in case you happen to, you know, actually get one in your mailbox.

halloween cards: orange ghostThe first one I made was of a cut out ghost. I had some cool fiber-y translucent paper that I cut him out of. He looked really cool when I first cut him out. Then I ran him through the sticker maker and he turned into a sticky, pain-in-the-butt mess.

I ended up getting him down on the paper successfully, but realized I didn't want to deal with that BS for the rest of the cards, so we'll just call him the first Failed Prototype (AKA: Rejected Cards) (Poor little things -- think there's a home for them somewhere, away in the hills or something? You know, where they eat bologna sandwiches and drink Tang and make hand turkeys at Thanksgiving? That would be nice...) Okay! Moving on...

halloween cards: grey ghostsThe next one I made was also ghost-y. This translucent paper went through the sticker maker a lot more easily, but it was kind of a pain to cut, so I knew I didn't want to make a whole bunch of these either. However, my favorite part of this card is the lower right-hand ghost dude. He's actually punched out of the front of the card, and his eyes make the word "Boo!" inside. Hee hee.

halloween cards: grey ghosts interiorHere is a picture of that, in what is probably the Most Boring Photo Ever Uploaded to the Internet.

Open the card and: BOO! Hee hee. (I love that -- can't you tell?)

The final Rejected Card was the black cat with the Trick or Treat stamp. He actually looks pretty good here, but in person, you can see that I colored him in with a Sharpie. Perhaps I'll send him to someone with poor eyesight who can't see the splotchy coloring-in. I should have cut him out of black paper but... as you can tell from my other comments, I am lazy about mass producing cards.

halloween cards: black catSooo... those are the cards that I did not make a bunch of yesterday. I finally found a design that was both pleasing to see and make and made a bunch of them, but... well, since you might get one in the mail, I don't want to spoil the surprise.

So, here -- enjoy my rejects! ;)



Shayne said...

So you're telling me I have to make you a Halloween card, huh? Actually, I bought the bat template set from Paper-Source, so you just might find a bat in your mailbox come the 31st.

Your cards all look cute from here!

kelly said...

Yay! As we were crafting, my fellow card-maker said, "Hmmm... we don't have any bats!" It's as though you heard my bat-less plight from 3000 miles away!

(The ghost was from the P-S ghost template kit from a year or two ago -- that place is like a crack house)