Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tater Tot

Dear Kelly,

I tend to say "later tater" when saying goodbye to people and that has turned into affectionately calling a co-worker "Tot." When I owed her a present (she chose to receive a mystery present) for helping me out with this stupid table of contents in a manual, I of course had to cross-stitch a tater tot. I have to admit--I'm impressed with myself and my realistic tater tot :)

(As usual, instead of taking a good picture, I stuck it in the scanner, but you get the idea :) )


1 comment:

kelly said...

LOVE this! I also love tater tots. Mmmm. (I especially love Crispy Crowns! [exclamation point included in the official product name, mind you] for the higher crunchy outside to potato-y inside ratio. Delicious!)

Damn you. Now I want tater tots. I haven't had them in years, but the craving is now very strong. Mmmm...