Friday, October 01, 2010

Creativity is...

Dear Shayne,

I am taking Kal Barteski's online class, Nurture Your Creativity + Be Bulletproof. This was the first project and I really enjoyed it. We were challenged to come up with a simple definition for "creativity" and boy, did that get my mind racing! Seems like there are a million ways to sum that up.

In the end, I defined creativity as "original thought." Once I got it down on paper, it sort of reminds me of "original sin," so maybe I should have said "thoughts," but then my mind went to "Original Gangster" so it's all good. (And kind of weird. Yeah!)

At any rate, we were supposed to write down our definition three times, using three different media in three different sizes, then hang them around the house.

I made the first one using my beloved Cricut:
Creativity is...

The second one was scrawled with silver Sharpie on a catalog photo of skeins of yarn:
Creativity is...

That was a little flimsy for hanging, so I mounted it to some cardboard and embellished it a bit:
Creativity, displayed.

Now it's tucked right above the mirror where I get ready every morning:
Creativity, displayed [longer shot]
(Oooh... moody night shots!)

I used letter stencils for the final one...
Creativity is...

And then clipped this guy to the squirrel tray:
Creativity definition in the wild

I must admit that posting these around the house does, in fact, remind me to seek out original thoughts. Yay!



Shayne said...

I love them all.

I was too wimpy to sign up for that class. I'm not keeping up with the Carla Sonheim class, but I'll get to it. Soon. I hope. Need more hours in the day!

Kal Barteski said...

I love it!! I love that you're blogging about it, too. Perfect.

(ADORABLE squirrel tray, too!)

emily b said...

Fun! I really like your different applications. That squirrel rocks! I'd love to see the rest of him...

kelly said...

Shayne -- I am woefully behind in this class, so I understand the need for more hours in the day!

Kal -- Thanks SO much for dropping by to check things out. I'm behind in class, but I'm here! Really!

Emily -- I posted about my squirrel tray here, if you'd like to see him in all of his glory.

Thanks to ALL of you for the positive feedback!