Saturday, November 10, 2007

Journal ring: Round 2 (the rest)

Dear Shayne,

Quite awhile ago, I posted two of the pages that I did for the second round of that Journal Ring I participated in on Craftster. I just realized today that I never posted the rest of the pages, so here they are.

I'm sorry -- this post is super-long. I should probably spread these out over the course of several days, but I've got some time right now, sooo... I'm doin' it. Grab a cup of cocoa or something, cause it will take awhile to get through all of this.

This is the first set. My favorite part about it is that I used my modern-day spirograph to make the background -- it's not as good as the one I had when I was a kid, but it's still pretty darned fun:
Journal #2.2 - left page

I also used paint, stencils, stamps -- what you'd expect when looking at it. I wish I had scanned these pages... the photos aren't great. They were pretty fun in person. I really "free formed" with these and I like the way they turned out.
Journal #2.2 - right page

Next up was kind of a "scrapbook-y" style. I took a bunch of ephemera that I thought would look nice together and then I sewed some clear plastic pouches to hold it. The person who gets this book can take it out of the pouches and look at it:
Journal #3.2 - left page

(The answer to the "9 out of 10 women..." riddle is inside that card when you open it up... ration stamps. And there was an actual ration stamp in there. Kinda cool.)

On this next page, the folded piece of paper in the lower left corner was a hand-written receipt from the 50s. I wish I had scanned it, because I remember that it amused me at the time. Oh, well.
Journal #3.2 - right page

For this next one, I cut out the states that everyone in the swap lived in.
I overlaid the states by gluing down a semi-transparent handmade paper and I really like the effect. Then I made little envelopes with tags inside. Here's the left page:

Journal #4.2 - left page

And here's the right:
Journal #4.2 - right page

On the tags, I used an old atlas and a round punch to cut out the city that each person was from. On the back of each person's location tag was their craftster user name (except I put "you" and "me" for the journal owner and myself... hee hee) Here are the tags:
Journal #4.2 - tag detail

This last one was by far my weirdest and most experimental. Looking at it now, it's probably good that the swap ended when it did. Hee hee. Here is the left page:
Journal #5.2 - left page

I found those girls in an old National Geographic and they cracked me up -- they're eating cotton candy. That page says "AAAAAA" all over it, because I think that's what they're saying as they open their mouths to eat the cotton candy.

The next page is the "ZZZZZZ" page... that's what a bee says (that's a little gold bee on the page). Also, that's what Zebra starts with. So here they are:
Journal #5.2 - right page

It was only after I put those zebras together like that that I realized they were almost perfectly mimicking the posture of the girls on the other page. That cracked me up.

Whew! Ya still with me? Sorry about the super-long post, but I hope you enjoyed it -- I had fun with this swap, but I'm out of the swap game for at least awhile. I've got too much non-swap crafting to do!



Shayne said...

I love the tags best - who is that background stamp by? And the "Flame-kissed" recipes is a great piece. And why don't I have a spirograph? I didn't even have one as a kid. I think my sister, did, though. No fair!

kelly said...

The background on the tags themselves, you mean? It's not a stamp -- it's printed cardstock. I bought a pack of it with different prints in different colors. It comes in handy for backgrounds like these!

You need a spirograph. You even actually have a *kid* to justify this purchase! ;) Again, it's not as awesome as the one I had when I was a kid, but it's still pretty nifty!

Shayne said...

I don't know if Sam would give a hoot about a Spirograph...but I'll have to get one to find out, won't I?