Monday, November 05, 2007

DC Craft Mafia Show

Dear Kelly,

So I'm a member of DC Craft Mafia and we put on our very first craft show on Saturday. Of course, I had to shop from some of our awesome vendors!

This little 3-d angel picture is from the lovely Joanna of The Palace of Varied Industries. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a website. But she make wonderful little scenes and silhouettes (I bought a little doggie picture from her when we met this past summer at another show) and shares a booth with her friend Helen, who makes adorable scarves from old sweaters, which I can't actually touch due to my woolergies. Hopefully, these crafty ladies will be on the web soon.

This little print is from Twin Pixie Studios. You know how I love birds!

Randy bought himself this button from Ugly Kitty.

Also from Ugly Kitty, I bought two of these New Jersey buttons for some Jersey Girl friends

and this super comfy pillow (one's ear rests gently in the seam).

From Cleo Dee, I got this squid ornament. See, she's pink and wears nerd glasses and has a laptop, just like me :)

Before the show, I placed an order for "Zombie Weiners" from Peter Malinoski and I picked it up from him at the show.

Last but not least, my friend Erica commissioned an early Christmas present for me from Brookadelphia. "dork" specially cut in pink for me

Cool stuff, huh?

P.S. We raised almost $300 for the Washington Humane Society.

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kelly said...

I love all of this! That button is GREAT! And "More fun than it smells" HAHAHAHA. Love it!

And way to go, raising money for animals. A good show, all around!