Saturday, October 27, 2007

Something new from something old

Dear Shayne,

I've had this poster since, um... college, I guess:

It was one of my first real framed pieces of "art" (and by "art," I mean, "something not tacked to the wall") and, while I still love that image, the poster is faded and the "Flaming June" title at the bottom seems a bit tacky. But I always kind of loved the relief on this frame (please excuse the quality -- these photos were taken in the basement):

There's an empty space on the wall in the craft room/office and I could not decide what to put there. I finally decided I needed an "inspiration board" -- you know, a place to put up all of the stuff I'm constantly clipping out saying, "Hrm, pretty." Or, "I should make this."

Flaming June to the rescue! I took her out of there (bye, June!), painted the frame, put some wires across it and voila:
Inspiration board!

(The things clipped to it right now are for the purposes of photo-taking... just some stuff I had lying around the craft room... a postcard from Paul Madonna, a great little print from Wolfie and the Sneak, a postcard from Kurt Halsey, a mini-quilt that I made, a stencil from a Mini ad, and a postcard from The Paper Princess [that came in a Sampler!])

You can't really tell from that photo, but the frame held up fairly well under my heavy paint treatment (I used the same paint we used on the trim in the house)... the relief is more subtle, but still visible:

I'm looking forward to filling it up with all sorts of inspirational goodness!

Now I just need to make a board that will not only inspire me, but actually make the crafts for me... hrmmm...



Shayne said...

The frame looks lovely in white! What gauge wire did you use? Guess what? I want a mini quilt!

kelly said...

I just used some picture hanging wire I had around the house. It might not be the best choice (we'll see how it holds up) but I ended up not buying a single thing to make this project (I had the frame, paint, eye screws, and wire) so I was all proud of that fact (should have mentioned it in the post, now that I think of it...)

I'll add "mini quilt" to your ever-growing list of "Things Shayne Wants." ;)

Shayne said...

I would think picture wire would hold up good.

The "Things Shayne Wants" list is muy muy importante!