Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Three ring circus!

Dear Shayne,

Here are pictures of the Chain Link Scarf when it only had three links. It's got more now, but since it's getting dark outside earlier, I don't get home in time to take good-lighting photos.

Actually... I probably get home in time, but don't remember until a couple of hours later and then say, "Damn! I should have taken photos right when I got home!" Hrm.

Annnyyywwwayy... let's get on with the photos! Here are the three rings:
Three fuzzy links

And, since I used Kaesea for scale for the first ring (and he's such an awesome model), here he is, modeling again:
Three ring circus!

(No, my blog entries will not all turn into submissions for "" -- this was just too damned funny to resist!)

Meanwhile, I think I might like this version of the scarf better than the one I made for myself. Hrm.



Shayne said...

I just know the whole thing is going to be gorgeous. Your mom is very lucky. I think you need to knit an extra loop for Kasea to wear all the time.

kelly said...

I like the idea of knitting an extra loop for Kaesea... unfortunately, Biscuit would eat it. :(

Biscuit already likes to bite Kaesea on the neck. Add that to his fetish for eating all knitted things, and... I think I'd be signing Kaesea up for a baaaad time. Poor dear.