Monday, October 08, 2007

Chain link scarf = Done!

Dear Shayne,

This project was a total blast to make -- quick knit, fluffy yarn, many colors, etc. I had a great time making it and will probably make more in the future. Meanwhile, I have many, many photos to show you (I'm sorry.)

First up, here's the scarf:
All the colors showing

That doesn't really show the length very well. I tried taking a photo of it all stretched out, but it's nearly 6 feet long and that made difficult-for-the-internets photos. So I draped it artfully over a chair:
My attempt at an arty photo

And when I went to put the scarf away, I stacked all of the rings on top of each other. It looked lovely, so I took a photo:
A close up of all of the rings, stacked!

But c'mon... what you really want is photos of the scarf with Kaesea, don't you? (Well, I did... so I took a bunch!) First, his glamor shot:
Kaesea poses with scarf

Some people have made comments that perhaps Kaesea wasn't crazy about all of this modeling, so I just gotta show you this one -- while I left the scarf wrapped around him to upload photos... he fell asleep:
Kaesea falls asleep

So I don't think he's too upset!

Just to give people extra reassurance, I told him to smile for the camera... but it looks a bit forced to me. Whatya think?
Say cheese!

(Yeah... that photo totally cracks me up!)

So, there you have it -- my super-fun chain-link scarf (now with More Kaesea!) After that, I should probably get back to the lovely-but-less-fun scarf! (Or something...)



JenniferNabers said...

I bet Clinton and Ike would like a scarf like that ;-) Heh. Great shots of Kaesea, but it makes me miss him and you.

Shayne said...

The scarf is gorgeous and I still want to eat Kaesea! He is an excellent scarf much does he charge per hour?

Shayne said...

And I really love the picture of the links all stacked yummy!

A glance at my world said...

I love the scarf! I want to make one like it. Did you use a pattern from somewhere??

kelly said...

Aw, thanks! This pattern is from the book Loop D Loop (in fact, it's the scarf pictured on the front). I actually made my loops a bit smaller, but the structure is the same.