Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Yars!

Dear Shayne,

After some successful yars (yarn + jars) and some that weren't so great, I present to you... The Yars of Summer:

Summer yars

Blue skies + puffy white clouds = Summah-time!



Shayne said...

Excellent yars! Very ocean-y, too. Have you used your Gocco yet?

Shayne said...

The Easter Yar reminds me of my grandma.

kelly said...

I have not yet used the Gocco. Perhaps my first project should be a chicken because... I'm being such a chicken about it! Ack! The terror of trying something new! Bleah.

And yeah... the Easter Yars were not my finest hour. I am thinking monochromatic is the way to go with Yars. Or at least analogous. Or somethin'.

Shayne said...

Oh, yes, always love the analogous!