Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Goodness gracious!

Dear Shayne,

For some reason, this is one of the more pun-inducing little projects I've managed to put together. The title of this post references what is possibly my dorkiest one: Great Jars of Yarn!

Eye candy

Yup. Jars of yarn.

How did this happen, you ask? Well... I have all of this yarn, see... and I have to keep it stashed away (or else our darling resident psycho kitty [Biscuit] will eat it). And I thought about how it's nice to see the yarn sometimes, soo... I got some jars.

What you see here is the Valentine's presentation of yarn -- pinks (also known as "Shayne-style"). Next month, I'll dig out some greens. This is a little sick, but I'm pretty sure I can cover every holiday.

On a semi-related note, I've been on a combine-two-words-to- make-one-new-word kick lately (snack sized tupperware = snupperware!) Soooo... yarn jars... Jarns? Yars? Hrm.

And in other news, I've been hooked on Mod Podge as of late, so there will certainly be some photos of that coming up. Whee! Sticky!



Dawn said...

That is really clever (& pretty)! "Yars" sounds like a pirate word.

Shayne said...

Those are the pretties yars I have ever seen. Can't wait to see next months!

Shayne said...

Oh, and feel free to knit me things from those jars heheehe.

Aleigh said...

Adorable! Also, a little English trivia: Those awesome combo words you mention in this post are called "portmanteaus". :)