Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ice Cream Cozy... in two takes

Dear Shayne,

A few weeks ago, I decided to make an ice cream cozy -- you know, something to put around the pint of ice cream so that your fingers don't freeze while you're digging in? That is, if you're uncouth enough not to use a bowl... which I, of course, am not... er... yes, yes I am. I eat the ice cream straight out of the pint. Sue me.

While it seems exceedingly simple to make (a knitted tube oughtta do it), I actually have a book that contains a pattern (Knit Wit by Amy Singer, the founder of so I decided to try that.


I probably should have gone with my original "tube" plan. Here's my first attempt, straight from the pattern:
A little short

A little bit short. And, in my opinion, thin (even though I used the recommended yarn [Cascade Fixation] from the pattern -- for once!)

So I doubled up the yarn, made some adjustments, and voila:
Juuust right

Also, the pattern calls for knitting a bottom on it:
A little short

Which I find unnecessary. I mean, I guess there's a possibility of dripping condensation, but it's not at all humid where we live, sooo... eh. (Plus, every time I tried to knit the bottom on my second version, it kept making my tube pop off of my pint.)

So I said screw it and just left it as a tube:
Juuust right

Works great!



Jan said...

You're right: it definitely needs to be thicker. While the single-strand cozy provides some protection, my delicate little fingers (HA!) still felt a bit of a chill.

Did you actually plan out decreases, length, etc, in advance, or just keep occasionally throwing it onto a pint to see what had to happen next?

kelly said...

For the decreases, I think I consulted the original pattern, as well as using the scientific method of shoving it back into the pint to see how it fit. Probably should have written down what I did. Whoops.

Since that yarn is soooo stretchy, there's a lot of forgiveness with the shaping.

Of course, even a single strand thin cozy is better than bare hands... oy, we're so spoiled now! ;)

Shayne said...

So cute! Everything needs it's own sweater! Now I want some Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie, please.

jan said...

I haven't yet knitted up a double-stranded cozy, but I *have* knitted up two single-stranded cozies. Tonight, I put both cozies on the pint. It was much better, although if you enjoy the entire pint at one sitting (ermmm ... I got distracted watching a really great basketball game and lost track of how much I'd eaten?), your fingers still get a little chilly toward the end.

Oh yeah, we're spoiled.

jessica said...

that is great. what a fabulous and cute idea. is that a haagen dazs under there? yummy.

kelly said...

Yes, it's haagen dazs and it's some flavor I've never seen before: cinnamon dulce de leche. Mmmmm!

I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!