Thursday, January 25, 2007

No snow, but...

Dear Shayne,

In these parts, we really don't get snow. However, we do get snowballs. That is... when I knit them!

Knitted snowball

I knit this snowball out of disturbingly soft and fluffy yarn. You know the stuff -- it feels soooo fun to touch and hold and rub against your face? Orrr... is that just me?

Nah. I know that the person I made this snowball for (Hi, Jan!) feels the same way, so I may be crazy, but so is this snowball's owner, so it all works out.

Here's a picture of me holding the little guy so you can see that he's a pretty good sized snowball for throwing:
Knitted snowball

And here he is, looking out my dirty window at work at the big machinery parked outside (he's going through a pensive phase, I think):
Knitted snowball

No snow out there, buddy.



Shayne said...

That is the kind of yarn that you just want to stick googly eyes on, as is, and keep as a pet.

You are a nut. My favorite picture is of the snowball looking pensive.

My friend Jenny and I started making snowmen one year out of super fluffy yarn, but we were lazy and wrapped it around styrofoam balls. We made a few and had (still have in a bag in the basement) materials to make a ton more as ornaments and then she had silly final exams and we never finished them.

kelly said...

You know the yarn! :)

I liked the fact that this one was knit and stuffed because it ended up being nice and squishy, but I'd like to see your fluffy yarn/styrofoam ball project -- get out that bag and post some photos, sister!

(Psst... it's *never* to late to finish!)

Shayne said...

We really should get started on finishing them now for *next* Christmas.