Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Little House

Dear Kelly,

Recently, I took a class at the local rubber stamp store, Rubber Chicken, from my good friend Lesley. We made wonderful little houses out of a prefab chest of drawers and then real live wood that we had to glue together. Mine is not finished yet, but here are some pictures.
The whole house (still needs doors that will be attached with little metal hinges):

Close-up of the roof (the shingles are from a ticket paper punch):

Close-up of the inside of the drawer (I used suede paper to line them):

I also need to put dividers in the drawers. In her sample, Lesley even had little plexiglass tops to go in some of the drawer dividers.

It was a fun day for me and I can't wait to finish it, although I think I'll wait until I can work on it at her house :)


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kelly said...

CUTE! I especially like the shingles!