Friday, January 05, 2007

Merry Craft-mas part II: He's crafty!

Blocks by Bill
Dear Shayne,

He's crafty - and he's just my type!

Bill is always saying that he doesn't feel right giving gifts from "us" that "I" made (although I couldn't do it without his support and input, I tell ya. /gush). So I tried to think of something for him to make this year. He's good with wood, so I suggested he make blocks for our nephew.

As you can see, they came out totally great.
Blocks by Bill

It was during my Christmas "crunch" (read:meltdown) and, after he got the wood all cut, he started asking me questions about stamping. At this point, I thought, "Where the >bleep< am I going to find time to stamp these things?!" (Nice Christmas spirit, eh?)
Blocks by Bill

After he asked me some questions and did some research on his own, we got the stamps and he went and got the inks himself. I'm still thinking, "Okay... if I don't actually sleep between now and when we leave, I'll be able to do this..." (Hoping for a Christmas miracle, I guess).
Blocks by Bill

Then he said, "Well, can you give me some tips? I'll try it out." So I did and he did and... he is the Best. Stamper. Ever.

Seriously. I have been stamping crap for 20 some odd years and it's still a "hold-my-breath-and-cross-my-fingers" affair every single time I do it. But Bill? He got it on the first try. He really is crafty (and just my type!)

And the best part? They were totally a hit:
Blocks by Bill w/ CJ

Everybody now: Awwwww!



TheBon said...

D says the same things about gift giving because I make or pick out almost everything. I'm hoping he'll get used to it.

big bob said...

CJ puts those blocks in his toy bus now. He's presumably transporting them to some imaginary construction site. Oh, and he's still taste-testing them for consistency -- so far so good. Thanks again Uncle Bill and Aunt Kelly!

Anonymous said...

"He's presumably transporting them to some imaginary construction site."

Yay! He's taking after his Uncle Bill! :)

Shayne said...

Those are awesome! Bill is a stamping genious. Cute baby too :)

Shayne said...

Also, what kind of ink did he use?

Anonymous said...

For stamping on wood, all of the reviews said to use a pigment-based ink pad. So once we had that info, we looked for one that was non-toxic (since it will surely be chewed upon for many years to come).

Bill went to Michael's and found that ColorBox qualified in both areas (oh, how I would have loved to see Bill in Michael's shopping for ink pads by himself, btw). So that's what he got. They worked great.

The only problem was with the first type of shellac (also non-toxic for chewability) that we tried -- it brushed on. That caused some of the ink to run. So he got a spray-on shellac instead and that was perfect.