Saturday, July 02, 2011

Linen Closet

Dear Kelly,

I have the world's smallest linen closet. Seriously, it's so pointlessly small, I don't know why the builders bothered. The amazing thing is that it was still fitted with a miniature folding door that was old and hideous (sorry no before pic!).

Finally sick of it, I took the door off, had Randy shove it in the attic just in case, and went through my fabric stash. I found this great length of bright floral, decorator weight fabric that happened to be just as tall as the closet. All I had to do was hem the bottom and make a pocket at the top for a tension rod because the width was also perfect - selvedge edges are good enough for me.

The closet is still too small, but at least it's pretty now:

I plan on doing this to the rest of the closets in the house.


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kelly said...

Wow! That *is* a tiny closet!! The fabric panel looks great -- love a simple project with a high impact!