Monday, July 11, 2011

Renegade re-cap

Dear Shayne,

On Sunday, I went to Renegade Craft Fair in SF.

Of all of the craft fairs, Renegade is my favorite. Fort Mason can be a bitch for parking, but the building is really cool:
Renegade at Fort Mason

And whoever selects the vendors does a great job -- nice variety and really high quality stuff. I didn't buy much... sometimes I experience a sort of "purchase paralysis" when confronted with so many awesome things to buy. Does that ever happen to you? It definitely happened to me yesterday.

In fact, I only bought these vintage letters (K for me, B for Bill):
B + K

Oh, bummer! I've just combed the Renegade site, but I cannot figure out where I bought these. I did not get a card from these folks and I paid in cash, so no receipt. Extra bummer because they had a ton of great stuff. I has a sad.

The good news is that I saw lots great other stuff. There were some amazing decoupaged globes by ImagineNations. My favorites were "Peace" and "Rock My World." They were totally gorgeous and so well executed. Loved them.

Had a great experience at The Poster List's booth. I saw this poster there and said, "Hey! That's my phone case!" Just a few weeks ago, I bought a phone case from Uncommon. You can upload your own design, but I got paralyzed by the possibilities (apparently a theme for me right now), so I chose the Poster List's "Don't Waste Time" design:
Phone case says it all

When I showed it to the guy at the booth, he was super excited to see it and was so very genuine. It was really nice -- you could tell he was just thrilled to see his design out "in the wild." He even took a photo of it. Yay!

Lisa Swerling was there with her beautiful Glass Cathedrals -- shadow boxes, many of them glitter covered, with tiny figurines living inside and a clever caption floating above them. I am not doing them justice, but you can get some idea at her site -- go over there and click around. If you ever get a chance to see this work in person, Shayne, do it. We could not stop smiling at this booth!

Speaking of smiling, have you seen Fomato Cards? Hilarious, nutty, and brilliant. Total chuckle-fest here. Love, love, LOVE the Tarjé card -- she nailed it!

I was sorely tempted by the fascinators at Poppyhearts. I think I might need this one in purple. Like, now. I was also enthralled by the gorgeous giant clips, but could not decide on a color... decisions, decisions!

Venice_eQ was selling laser cut fleece scarves with song lyrics cut into them. Here are a bunch in their Etsy shop and they had even more at the show. The awesomeness of this knows no bounds. I didn't see a song that I just had to have, but I think these would make a great gift.

As I mentioned yesterday, I met Sass&Peril, creator of my foxy print. Very sweet and friendly.

Loved the fabric wall decals from Petit Collage -- especially the pennants. So darling!

Aaaand... I am most certainly going to need a copy of Evil... or Coffee? by Paul Friedrich for my workspace. (In fact, I would have bought that there, but the artist was absent when we stopped by.)

As I write this re-cap, I am clicking through the vendor list and I think next time I go to one of these shows, I should get a look at who will be there before I go. I am definitely having the "Aww... I missed that?!" feeling right now that I think would be alleviated by studying ahead.

Also...this re-cap could also be called "A Journey of Indecision." Odd for me, as I am usually pretty decisive. Guess I just couldn't pull it together this time. Good news is that the Renegade Holiday Market will be back here in December. And, of course, there's always the Internet. :)


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