Thursday, June 30, 2011

Putting my Bedazzler to good (?) use

Dear Shayne,

Last month was our company's User Conference and there were shirts for us to wear with our names printed on them (they were "mechanics" shirts, so it worked). But mine didn't have my name.

So I fixed it:
My name in [Bedazzled] lights

With the Bedazzler!

Ha -- looking at that old post, I wrote "The #1 rule is: Don't use the Bedazzler on clothing." And then... I went and did it! The Bedazzler is a seductress.



Dawn said...

My 11 year-old self is so totally jealous of you right now!! *Bedazzler love!*

Shayne said...

I wish I knew where my Bedazzler was... I want to be dazzling! Your shirt must have been the best of the company :)