Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jan!

Dear Shayne,

Yesterday was my friend Jan's birthday (Hi, Jan!) and she is now...
Happy Birthday, Jan!

Well, perhaps you can guess how old Jan is.

In fact, you might think you know what it's going to say inside of the card, right?
Happy Birthday, Jan!

Hee hee. Maybe not!

I cracked myself while making this card, but boy did that ink drive me nuts! After giving it 24 hours, I thought for sure it would be dry and it was most certainly not. To get the card in the mail on time, I had to put a piece of vellum inside to keep things from getting too smudgy.

As it was, it was still a little smudgy.

But that's the beauty of handmade, right? You won't find a wacky smudgy card like this in any Hallmark store!

Meanwhile... got any tips for making ink-that-refuses-to-dry dry?


PS -- The cute little calendar inside was from Etsy seller Elle's Studio. I got a whole year's worth and they're really fun for personalizing cards!


Shayne said...

Very fun card and those calendar stickers are super cute! Did you take a heatgun to the ink?

Shayne said...

And happy birthdday, Jan!

kelly said...

Yup. Tried the heatgun. It's not even humid here. I couldn't believe it when I woke up and the darned thing still wasn't dry. Nuts!