Friday, June 18, 2010

More Cross-stitchin'

Dear Kelly,

There was this restaurant called Fritzbee's that my family went to all the time when I was a kid. They had really good chicken fingers and strangely were not a chain and we lived in chain-land. In the ladies room, they had a sign that said "Please wait for our hostess to seat you." My mom thought this was hilarious and on our Apple IIe using Print Shop version 1, I printed that with a nice border on our first color dot matrix printer. She hung it in the powder room where it stayed for many years. For whatever reason, probably it faded, it didn't make it through several moves and she was just saying again how much that cracked her up, so since I'm in a cross-stitchin' mood, I did it up for her:

I'm going to let her frame it because I don't know which bathroom she plans to put it in.

Cross-stitchin's fun :)


1 comment:

kelly said...

This is hilarious -- love the story and love that you're bringing it back to life.

You're right -- cross-stitchin is fun. Maybe I need to get me some of that!