Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Awesome backyard project

Dear Shayne,

Unfortunately, I don't think we have the room for this in our backyard (since the trampoline takes up most of the room back there), but I just had to share it with you because, well it's Pure Awesome:

Aw, yeah! Outdoor larger-than-life Scrabble set! You could sort of get exercise while playing this thing!

I got these photos from this article in at the Sunset website, where you can find the DIY details if you have the room to make this in your backyard. Check out the tiles:


Perhaps I need a smaller trampoline?



Dawn said...

How hard would this be to incorporate into my as-of-yet un-landscaped backyard/canola swamp? Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

TJ said...

Oh my goodness. That is absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing. I am looking into making this in the future, but perhaps make the board with light wood so it can be foldable and a bit portable? I lack the backyard space too, and my intended recipient doesnt really have much of a backyard... Awesome, awesome project. Thanks.

Michael - Innkeeper said...

wow. so neat!

i've seen large chess/checker boards but never a scrabble board.