Thursday, January 14, 2010

Skullified calendar: 2010 version

Dear Shayne,

As you may recall, I "skullified" a lovely but un-skully calendar last year to fit into our bones-y bathroom. As the new year approached, I knew I'd have to do it again.

I'd been casting about, looking for just the right calendar, when I stumbled upon this gorgeous free printable calendar at the blog Love. Obsess. Inspire.

[Side note: What a lovely frickin' blog that is! Just amazing. You've got to check it out. Really beautiful stuff -- just tons of eye candy.]

I love this calendar so much that I knew I had to have it, but last year's skullifying technique (black rubber stamped skull) seemed way too heavy handed for such a lovely, ethereal calendar.

Sooo... at the risk of offending the designer, I downloaded her calendar and, using the Old Skull Hellron font, I added some skulls in Photoshop.

Here is January, hanging on our bathroom wall:
Skullified calendar 2010

And here are all of the other altered pages:
Skullified calendar 2010

September is one of my favorites:
Skullified calendar 2010

I had a really good time making this, although the original calendar is so perfect that I do feel like a cow for altering it. But I had to have it, so it had to have skulls.

If anyone reading this is not a whack job for skulls like I am, I encourage you to download and print this beauty in its original form!


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Shayne said...

Beautiful before *and* after.