Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's calendar time!

Dear Shayne,

I love this time of year -- discount calendars! Not just for the usual purpose of figuring out the date, but for crafting (of course).

When you were out visiting in May, we scored some $1 calendars at Chronicle Books. What a find! Then we spent some quality crafting time making envelopes. You made some from the Porn for Women calendar (Wow! 2010 is out of stock already -- looks like you won't be making a $1 score on that one this year...)

Here you are cutting out the envelope (yup, a man scooping a litter box):

And here's your finished envelope, complete with super-cute label:

We both got the Stuff on my Cat and Art of Modern Rock calendars. Here are some of the envelopes I made from Stuff on my Cat:
Calendar envelopes

And Art of Modern Rock -- I think you also made one from this bird, but you cropped it differently and I remember liking what you did better. :)
Calendar envelopes
I love to make envelopes -- it's fun to find something crazy in the mailbox.

Just this past week, I saw a project on craftster that takes this project up a notch -- user McJulie-O made the envelopes, then cut out the little thumbnail photos from the back of calendar and used those to make matching cards. It's so cute! Check it out.

So, did you mail that litter box one to anyone?


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Shayne said...

Never sent it :) That was a fun day!!!