Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whee! I'm Weaving!

Dear Shayne,

For Christmas, I got the always appreciated gift of "go buy yourself something nice" (that is: cash). So I bought myself a loom. I've been wanting one for a long time, after hearing that it's faster than knitting and also uses yarn (of which I have... well, let's just say I have yarn and leave it at that.)

The kit actually came with yarn for a first project, so I used that for practice. And look! I'm making woven fabric!
I'm weaving!

So. Cool.

"Practice" is the key word for this project, as I am clearly having trouble keeping the edges even:
"Rustic," perhaps?

So I either need to get a lot better at this or, you know, embrace the "rustic" look (knowing me, I'll probably do the latter.)

Hey... what's that in the background?
Little helper

Why, it's Kaesea, of course!
Little helper
My little helper.

Okay. Back to weaving.
(Oh, yeah... it's totally addictive.)



j0zzzz said...

People charge big money for the rustic look! :)

Shayne said...

Yea for new toys! I think the rustic look is a great idea :)


You could get carried away! Kitty's fur isn't unraveling, is it? I have a cat trying to help, he's a bit bouncy today. It's nice to see a photo of a calm cat. lol