Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lantern Moon ROCKS!

Dear Shayne,

Remember how I told you that I broke one of my beautiful Lantern Moon knitting needles? Well I contacted them to ask if I could buy a single needle from them (seems silly, but they're not cheap, so I figured buying half a set would be a little less painful than buying a whole new set).

They responded by replacing my needles, gratis! Wow! They came in the mail yesterday and I just had to share how totally impressed I am with this company.

I know that you don't knit, but they also sell gorgeous crochet hooks, fabulous tote bags (I especially love this one), and some really lovely accessories. Check them out -- they've got something for everyone.

Lantern Moon, thank you so much for being so great. You've got a customer for life. Nice work.


1 comment:

Shayne said...

That is some good customer service! And they've got some cool stuff. Almost makes me think of trying crochet again.