Monday, September 28, 2009

Shower thank you notes

Dear Shayne,

I just realized that I never told you about my wedding shower -- it was craft supply themed! It was the Best. Shower. Ever. (Thank you, Hollie and Jenny for making it happen!)

I cannot believe I didn't tell you about it, but thinking back, it was a busy summer (what with the getting married and all). I need to post some photos of the awesome loot I got -- fabric, yarn, stamps, books, paper, tools... the list goes on and on. It was awesome.

And now I am waaay late sending my thank you notes, but they finally went out this week:
Shower thank you notes

I cut fabric squares with pinking shears and glued those to the card. Then I zigzag-stitched around the edges. I used adhesive twill ribbon and hand-stamped "Thank you!"

I had originally intended for these to be a lot more complex, but I pared down the design to get them out the door and I'm happy with how they turned out in the end -- the fabric, stitching, and twill tape give the card a nice texture.

Up soon: the awesome goodies I received!


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Shayne said...

Cute! Can't wait to see what goodies you got :)